About AutoTracker Pro

Hello, and welcome to AutoTracker Pro! AutoTracker Pro is an online web based automobile inventory tracking and selling tool used by new and used auto dealers. With the growing market in online auto sales, AutoTracker Pro helps auto dealers print their paperwork for a sale and email it to a customer with just a few clicks saving time and postage costs. AutoTracker Pro also tracks inspection, administrative and maintenance expenses involved in getting the inventory ready for market with detailed forms that are easy to use.

AutoTracker Pro is integrated with eBay advertising that will publish your ads with ease removing double entry which saves time and effort. Once the inventory is entered into AutoTracker Pro, everything you need to publish an ad is as easy as selecting a few more options uploading your pictures and clicking "Publish". It is that easy.

Every auto dealer knows that customer feedback is important. Now AutoTracker Pro makes it possible to get feedback from a customer after a sale with its automated survey engine. By setting up customizable survey templates and adjusting the survey settings, each customer can get a quick survey a set number of days after the sale date. The survey engine gives the sales team an overall rating and with insightful feedback and Survey Call Log allows the sales person to follow up with each customer and enter notes on the customer's response giving management the chance to improve customer relations.

AutoTracker Pro wants to ensure that you know the history of every vehicle you buy. To help make it easy, we have partnered with AutoCheck to give our customers access to historical facts so that you can have confidence in your purchase of used vehicles.

AutoTracker Pro is built by Micrsoft Certified Solution Developers and Azure System Architect Engineers using Microsoft technologies and runs entirely on the Microsoft Azure Technology. All of the data is secured and encrypted keeping your information safe and backed up daily.

Version: 5.0
Released: August, 2023
Powered By: AutoTracker Pro, Microsoft
Affiliates: Microsoft, AutoCheck, Colorado SUTS, OFAC
AutoTracker Pro is Microsoft Certified AutoTracker Pro is partnered with AutoCheck.com AutoTracker Pro is partnered with the OFAC US Treasury Department